Waller & Smith Driveways

We have decades of experience building and repairing driveways. Materials of your choosing are put together beautifully to enhance your property. 

Driveways can be constructed in many different materials; generally the driveways' sub-base will be much the same depending on local ground conditions, drainage, the type of traffic using the drive and the final surface used i.e. block paving, Macadam, Tarmac or gravel. These are the most common surfaces for driveways, although there are others on the market such as natural stone and permeable paving. It's just a question of which type of driveway suits you and your budget.

We are happy to advise on whether the driveway you are proposing is feasible, practicable and within current legislation.

Send us an enquiry or give us a call on 01483 429793 or 07909518242 and we'll be happy to help. 

Please see our gallery for examples of work we've carried out, and you can view a selection of our customer comments, taken from our CheckaTrade page here

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